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<E.v.b ;) >

Generalnie przyjemnie się czyta, trochę z historii literatury np. White zombie ; trochę z klasyków filmowych np. Night of the living dead; trochę z życia czyli to co lubię najbardziej - trucizny. Warte przeczytania z ciekawości.


So, I've got this book, after meeting with one of my friends, and I must admit it's a pretty easy read, although it's not really what the cover claim it will be. All promotional materials suggests that it will be something related to the general phenomenon of a zombie, yet the book is mailny focused on history of a zombie on Haiti. So you can learn about differences between : voodoo and vodu. Has a bit about european strigas (with which I don't really agree as to me striga is a witch ;) ). There are also some examples from literature - novel " White zombie" (this you surely can find on U.S. market ;) . Honestly the part I like the most is about poisons :) . An easy read, but I doubt it will ever appear on U.S. market, so try to learn a bit of polish ;) .


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